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NIHHIS & Extreme Heat Risk Initiative Research Results Webinar Series Launches on September 13


The CPO Extreme Heat Risk Team is launching a webinar series focused on research results from heat-focused projects funded by the Climate Program Office. The series will cover results from NIHHIS, NIDIS, COM, RISA, MAPP, IRAP, and AC4, and will strive to make connections between projects as well as to identify key outcomes and remaining research needs from the projects.

The first session will be held via GoToWebinar on 13 September 2022. It will focus on 4 projects taking place across the country aiming to work with communities to understand the impacts of extreme heat, to observe and model the drivers of those impacts, and to ultimately help local decision makers make informed decisions about how to mitigate heat risk now and for the future. These projects were funded by the National Integrated Heat Health Information System (NIHHIS) Extreme Heat Risk Initiative in FY21 and will continue through FY22. A fifth project funded in this competition, focused on urban planning for extreme heat, has been completed and will be the subject of a future webinar session.

Subsequent webinars in this series will focus on heat-related research results from many other programs in CPO. To learn more about the session and to register to attend, please see the entry in the NOAA Science Seminar Series.

For more information, contact Hunter Jones.

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