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NOAA Blue Carbon Inventory Project Participates in Bilateral Workshop with Indonesia on Blue Carbon Ecosystems


On August 8th – 10th, the NOAA Blue Carbon Inventory Project (BCIP) participated in a workshop on blue carbon ecosystems organized by the U.S. Department of State and Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry, as a component of the bilateral cooperation on climate outlined in the US Government – Government of Indonesia Climate Task Force 2. 

The workshop focused on blue carbon, and included presentations on mangroves and seagrasses. The NOAA BCIP inventory team, represented by Silvestrum Climate Associates, traveled to Jakarta and presented in-country on integrating blue carbon (specifically mangroves) into national greenhouse gas inventories, and the applications to Indonesia. Gabrielle Johnson represented the MPA Center at this workshop as a virtual participant, and presented on integrating blue carbon into marine and coastal management. Additionally, NOAA BCIP members participated in an Embassy roundtable that included government and NGO participants, to discuss the status of blue carbon initiatives and carbon development.

There were several opportunities identified for further engagement and connections on blue carbon capacity building within Indonesia that the NOAA BCIP team will be supporting in upcoming months.

BCIP is a Department of State funded, multi-agency project led by NOAA’s Climate Program Office with NOAA’s Marine Protected Areas Center that supports countries’ efforts to include coastal wetlands in their greenhouse gas accountings.

For more information, contact Amanda Catron.

Image credit: Blue Carbon Indonesia


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