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NOAA Climate Observation Division Webinar


Webinar Goals:

  1. Inform the community about achievements and plans for NOAA’s Climate Program Office as well as for the Climate Observation Division
  2. Present COD’s Strategic Plan draft
  3. Introduce new COD team members
  4. Highlight future areas of emphasis and plans for the future

Agenda and Presentations

1145 (all times are EDT) Technology Check
1200 Session 1 Programmatic Landscape
1200 Welcome and Introductions Presenter: Kathy Tedesco
1210 Climate Program Office and role of COM Program (30 min) Presenter: Wayne Higgins
1240-1300 Online Q&A
1300 Climate Observation Division Program Update & Strategic Plan Presenter: David Legler

  • Introduction of new COD Team Members
  • Strategic Plan
1330 Session 2 Program Updates and Future Directions
1330 Program Update: Ocean Climate Observations Presenter: David Legler
1350 Program Update: Arctic Program Presenter: Kathy Crane
1410 Program Update: Climate Monitoring Presenter: Jennifer Saleem Arrigo
1430-1445 Online Q&A
1445 Tropical Pacific Observing System (TPOS) Presenter: David Legler
1500 Wrap-up and Conclusion of Webinar
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