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NOAA co-publishes workshop report with American Society of Civil Engineers


The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and NOAA held a number of technical workshops last fall to facilitate a new, sustained dialogue between civil engineers and climate scientists on how to best integrate the science of our changing climate (non-stationarity) into the next generation of ASCE codes, standards and manuals of engineering practice. The workshops focused on extreme temperature, intense rainfall, straight-line winds, and coastal hazards. The report on the result of the workshops summarizes the extent to which various ASCE codes and standards need to account for changes in these climate variables, and how well positioned NOAA is to deliver datasets or products for these variables — taking climate change into account — and on a timeframe that would meet ASCE’s needs over the next few years. 

NOAA is holding an internal meeting on August 31st to further improve coordination on responding to and meeting the information needs of ASCE, as well as other partners.

Interest is increasing across stakeholders on this ASCE-NOAA partnership as noted by the presentation by Dan Walker of ASCE provided for the recently-launched Climate Crossroads initiative launched by the National Academies.

Read the report »

For more information, contact Ben DeAngelo.

Image credit: ASCE


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