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NOAA introduces Marine Prediction Task Force at 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting


Image of the two-pager introducing the MPTF goals and highlighting example research projects. Credit: NOAA

The NOAA MAPP Program, in partnership with NOAA Fisheries and participation by the NOAA National Ocean Service, has kicked off a new three-year Marine Prediction Task Force. To share their research and connect with scientists across broad marine science disciplines, Task Force members were in strong attendance at the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting. Many members presented their work, and the Task Force distributed an information sheet introducing their goals and example research projects. The MAPP Program organized the new Task Force to coordinate activities for a group of scientists funded through a FY17 Federal Funding Opportunity focused on exploring seasonal prediction of coastal high water levels and changing living marine resources. Through 8 projects, the Task Force will lay the ground to help coastal communities and economies anticipate the threat of climate-related hazards by exploring NOAA’s ability to produce relevant predictions a season ahead. Members consist of 45 funded researchers from universities and NOAA, as well as other Federal centers and laboratories.

To learn more about the Marine Prediction Task Force, go to:  


About MAPP
The Modeling, Analysis, Predictions, and Projections (MAPP) Program is a competitive research program in NOAA Research’s Climate Program Office. MAPP’s mission is to enhance the Nation’s and NOAA’s capability to understand, predict, and project variability and long-term changes in Earth’s system and mitigate human and economic impacts. To achieve its mission, MAPP supports foundational research, transition of research to applications, and engagement across other parts of NOAA, among partner agencies, and with the external research community. MAPP plays a crucial role in enabling national preparedness for extreme events like drought and longer-term climate changes. For more information, please visit

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