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NOAA One Health Team to host first NOAA One Health


The NOAA One Health Team is hosting the first NOAA One Health Summit, which will convene in Washington, D.C from August 15-16th, 2023. The NOAA One Health Summit will bring together scientists and practitioners across the agency to connect and highlight NOAA’s work on health and related issues, and with the health sector, that support the One Health approach. The Summit is being planned by the NOAA One Health working group, which includes CPO staff.

The One Health Summit is designed to: 

  • Increase coordination and awareness across NOAA scientists and leadership about NOAA’s role and activities related to health science and services
  • To improve NOAA’s capacity to produce and provide actionable science and services to protect human, animal and ecosystem health and
  • Leverage opportunities for collaboration and foster relationships across NOAA and with partners while creating greater synergy on health related science and services. 

This two-day Summit will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions with federal partner agencies, presentations from NOAA scientists and practitioners, poster presentations, and networking opportunities. The NOAA One Health Summit is open to anyone in NOAA, especially leadership and those who are working in, or are interested in collaborating and working with those in the health space. Additional invitations are extended to federal agencies also addressing One Health.

Abstract submission for presentations at the summit is now open! We are looking for NOAA submissions for presentations regarding the following summit thematic areas:

  • Extreme conditions (heat, drought, severe weather)
  • Benefits from the sea (Marine products, nutrition, and human well-being, New Blue Economy)
  • Aquaculture (Environmental assessment – spatial analysis, disease modeling and prevention, seafood safety, Climate change impacts and resiliency)
  • Air quality (Aero-allergens, pollution,  weather patterns and atmospheric drivers)
  • Diseases (Water-Borne Diseases- Harmful algal bloom and Vibrio forecasts; water quality;
  • Vector-Borne Diseases- Climate impacts on vector ranges, transmission, and predictAquatic Organism Health (e.g., fish, invertebrates, marine mammals, sea turtles, seaweed), zoonotic risks, Unusual Mortality Events
  • Human Factor – environmental justice, climate change readiness, human impacts, etc. 

Presentations can be in-person or virtual, and there are opportunities for poster presentations. Abstract submissions are due by June 12th. You will be notified by June 30th of your submission status. 

Apply here »

For more information, contact Morgan Zabow or Juli Trtanj.

Image credit: One Health

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