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NOAA Participates in the Ninth Annual US Climate Modeling Summit


Climate modeling and projections underpin efforts to understand future climate and prepare the nation.
Leaders of all federally funded US climate modeling centers and representatives from many leading experimental and operational climate modeling programs gathered at NOAA’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory and virtually for the ninth annual US Climate Modeling Summit (USCMS) on April 24-26, 2023. The USGCRP’s Interagency Group on Integrative Modeling (IGIM), co-chaired by NOAA CPO’s Annarita Mariotti, has convened this annual workshop and meeting since 2015 to improve the coordination and communication of national climate modeling goals and objectives. This year’s workshop centered around a theme of the oceans’ role on air – sea coupled climate interactions, and was split into three sessions on coupled tropical-subtropical air-sea interactions on subseasonal to multi decadal time scales, the role of air-sea interactions in extreme events, and advances in modeling ocean and air-sea boundary interactions to address large scale biases. The following meeting included updates on activities at the modeling centers and presentations on special topics of interest. NOAA participated in the USCMS with Venkatachalam Ramaswamy and Brian Gross, among others, representing GFDL and EMC modeling efforts, respectively. CPO representatives Wayne Higgins, Annarita Mariotti, Jin Huang, Dan Barrie, Ginny Selz, and David Benson participated in the summit. Presentations by Dan Barrie and Jin Huang discussed opportunities for modeling coordination for the National Climate Assessment (NCA) and introduced the Global Precipitation EXperiment (GPEX), respectively. A report on the ninth annual USCMS will be finalized in the coming months and made publicly available, along with past USCMS reports, on the IGIM resources website.

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