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Planners, emergency managers and other decision makers are using SCIPP’s Simple Planning Tool. The tool continues to evolve to meet the needs of stakeholders across the region.


The Simple Planning Tool for Climate Hazards (SPT) is a compilation of relatively easy-to-use online interactive tools, maps, and graphs to assist planners, emergency managers, and other decision makers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas who are assessing their long-term climate risks, both historically and in the future. The SPT points users to reputable free data tools and resources that can be used during planning processes and in plans.

The latest update combines the four tools into one, and still provides state-specific information. Also, additional resources are now offered as menu items rather than appendices,, and definitions and descriptions are integrated into the hazard sections.

Access the redesigned tool » 

For more information, contact Caylah Cruickshank

Image credit: SCIPP

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