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Preparing for the next water year: Upcoming Drought & Climate Outlook Webinar for California-Nevada



With another record hot summer coming to a close, CPO’s National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) program will host a Drought and Climate Outlook Webinar for California and Nevada. Though both states have avoided drought for some time, with the exception of a small slice on the California/Arizona border, the region is now looking ahead to prepare for the next water year. On September 23, the California-Nevada Drought Early Warning System (CA-NV DEWS) Drought & Climate Outlook Webinar will provide an overview of the current conditions and outlook for the fall into winter as well as the role of atmospheric rivers in Western North America.
The CA-NV DEWS September 2019 Webinar is part of a series of regular drought and climate outlook webinars designed to provide stakeholders and other interested parties in the region with timely information on current drought status and impacts, as well as a preview of current and developing climatic events (i.e. El Niño and La Niña). 

Featured Presentations

Drought & Climate Update
Dr. Amanda Sheffield | NOAA/NIDIS

Drought & Climate Outlook
National Weather Service

Precipitation Regime Change in Western North America:
The Role of Atmospheric Rivers

Dr. Sasha Gershunov | CNAP, Scripps Institution of Oceanography/UC San Diego

The Webinar will take place at 11 a.m. PT, Monday September 23, 2019. 

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