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Public Demo of NOAA v2.0

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A public webinar to take people on a guided tour of the NOAA site, with highlights of what’s new.
NOAA has been completely redesigned based upon public feedback. Each section has refined its user interface, enhanced its functionality, and expanded its scope of contents:

  • News & Features (formerly “ClimateWatch Magazine”) now provides more and a wider variety of articles and videos, tagged to be more easily discoverable as well as accessible in popular social media outlets (i.e., Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter). 
  • Maps and Data (formerly “Data & Services”) now produces updated, interpreted maps showing where and how climate conditions are changing; and the Global Climate Dashboard has been redesigned to improve usability and make it accessible by mobile devices.
  • Teaching Climate (formerly “Education”) now leverages tens of millions of dollars in NSF, NASA, and NOAA education grant projects by providing over 510 ready-to-use climate education resources that were reviewed for scientific accuracy, pedagogical soundness, and usability.
  • Supporting Decisions (formerly “Understanding Climate”) now provides a clearinghouse of reports, decision support tools, datasets, and professional development opportunities—all accessible in sectoral, topical, and regional “frames” of user interest.

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