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SARP Webinar Series (March)

The California Drought & Related Climate Science Needs
Title: The California Drought & Related Climate Science Needs

Speaker: Jeanine Jones, Interstate Resources Manager for the California Department of Water Resources
Date: March 24, 2014 @ 1 PM EST
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This webinar will cover:

– the framework for water management in California & relevant agency roles;
– present hydrologic & water supply conditions;
– state response actions to drought;
– need for improved subseasonal and seasonal climate forecasts that could support water agency decision-making.
Water year 2014 is a third dry year for most of California, and ranks as one of the driest single years in the historical record.  The largest water projects that rely on Cascade-Sierra runoff — USBR’s Central Valley Project and CDWR’s State Water Project — have announced zero allocations to project contractors and sharply reduced allocations to water rights settlement contractors.  The Governor issued a drought emergency proclamation in December 2013 identifying specified response actions,  and on March 1st signed legislation authorizing  $687 million in state funding for drought actions. 

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