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SCIPP, a NOAA RISA team, to host a webinar on Climate and Infrastructure Funding: A Conversation on Justice Opportunities and Challenges


Simone Domingue, a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow for SCIPP, a NOAA RISA team, will host a series of webinars and conversations to raise awareness of climate justice’s significance in future adaptation. The webinars will offer actionable ideas for participants to bring back to their communities for proactive planning. 

The first virtual webinar, titled Climate and Infrastructure Funding: A Conversation on Justice Opportunities and Challenges, will be co-hosted with Louisiana’s Disaster Justice Network and will take place on July 28th at 1 pm. It will bring individuals together from different sectors to identify environmental justice funding and capacity-building resources for disaster resilience when implementing community-led projects. The webinar will have an informational component and provide an overview of federal funding opportunities, ways to access news and updates regarding those funds, and list resources available for technical assistance or planning. Lastly, the webinar will feature a panel discussion from leaders in environmental justice, disaster resilience, and community development. 

Register for the virtual webinar »

For more information, contact Genie Bey.

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