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State-of-the-art seasonal prediction research published in new special collection


A special issue on the interagency North American Multi-model Ensemble (NMME) is now available. The NMME is a seasonal prediction system that combines forecasts from the leading North American climate models. More skillful on average than other seasonal forecast systems, it has the dual purpose of providing operational seasonal predictions for NOAA and a unique research platform for predictability and prediction research. The papers in this special issue document a variety of different research uses of the NMME system database, which includes a 30-year set of hindcasts as well as real-time forecasts. Topics include predictability studies, to multi-model prediction evaluation and diagnostics, to emerging applications of climate predictability for subseasonal to seasonal predictions. Currently containing 15 papers, the collection is published in the international journal Climate Dynamics with several more publications expected before the collection is complete.

This special issue is coordinated by Annarita Mariotti (NOAA), Jin Huang (NOAA), Heather Archambault (NOAA), Ben Kirtman (University of Miami), and Gabriele Villarini (University of Iowa).  

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