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Summer 2013 National Drought Outlook

Current drought conditions, coupled with predictions for continued dryness throughout much of the country, pose a threat to agriculture, the environment, economy and human health. On Thursday, May 16, leading experts from numerous federal agencies and non-government organizations will hold a Summer 2013 National Drought Outlook Forum on Capitol Hill to provide a seasonal drought forecast along with discussion of current and expected drought impacts and what plans are in place for response and mitigation. The event will also provide outlooks related to agriculture, wildfires and national water supplies, as well as discussion of short-term recovery and flooding concerns certain areas of the country face. Details about the re-authorization of the Drought Information Act of 2013, as well as available resources for drought preparedness and response, will also be provided. Co-Sponsors include NOAA, NIDIS, NDMC, and WGA. For more information, contact Veva Deheza, 303-497-3431,, or visit

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