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coastal management

New Adaptable Framework to Assess Nearshore Ocean Dynamics Enables Improved Coastal Management

A new review article, partially funded by the Climate Program Office’s Climate Observations and Monitoring (COM) program, provides a comprehensive adaptable framework to characterize nearshore dynamics to improve the understanding and management of coastal resources.

MERT and AdSci to hold a focus group on coastal manager blue carbon adaptation and mitigation planning needs

This focus group will bring together NOAA practitioners working at the intersection of climate change, blue carbon, and blue carbon habitats to foster discussion and partnerships while informing the development of CPO projects and initiatives.

Viewpoint article encourages considerations of climate justice for coastal zone management

Risa grantees recently published an opinion paper in Climate and Development. The article describes how rural, minority, and impoverished coastal communities who rely heavily on ecosystem services for protection, disproportionately face the burden of sea level rise.

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