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Upcoming webinar on extreme heat and public health in transboundary regions


On Wednesday, January 22, from 11am to 12pm EST, CPO’s International Research and Applications Project (IRAP) will host a webinar titled “Exploring trends in extreme heat and public response to heat-related forecasts in the southwestern U.S. and northwestern Mexico transboundary region.” The frequency of extreme heat and heat waves over the last decades has prompted an increase in heat-related mortality and morbidity, including in parts of the southwestern U.S. and northwestern Mexico transboundary region. The ongoing IRAP-funded project explores trends in historical heat extremes and heat-related mortality and morbidity in the border cities of San Diego-Tijuana and Calexico-Mexicali, as well as the reach and effectiveness of heat-health messaging by area National Weather Service Offices (NWS) and public health agencies. In this webinar, the speakers will provide an update on the project, including preliminary results from the historical trend analyses and our evaluations of public values related to heat-related forecasts elicited through NWS Facebook posts, as well as next steps relating to engaging public health agencies and improving the efficacy of long-range forecast messaging. The speakers will include Drs. Tamara Wall, Kristin VanderMolen, Ben Hatchett, Erick Bandala (with the Desert Research Institute), and Kat Lambrecht (with the University of Nevada, Reno) who will present their IRAP-supported work. 

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