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Updated Rural Capacity Map to help identify communities that need climate resilience support


Headwaters Economics, funded by AdSci in FY22, created a first-of-its-kind mapping tool that can help bring government investment back into communities that have suffered from disinvestment, such as rural communities and communities of color. The map can be used by communities to show evidence of their need for resources, helping them to advocate for better climate resilience resources. In this map, the Index is based on ten variables that can function as proxies for community capacity. The variables incorporate metrics related to local government staffing, community education and engagement, and socioeconomic trends. The tool displays data across a broad spectrum from urban to rural to illustrate the variability in community capacity across the country. 

View the Rural Capacity Map »

For more information, contact Bhaskar Subramanian

Image credit: Headwater Economics


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