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Using Global-Scale Earth System Models for Regional Fisheries Applications


Earth system models can be used to simulate the impacts of climate change on ocean ecosystems; however, the metrics useful for fisheries management and other living marine resource applications vary widely between models, even under identical climate scenarios. A group of NOAA and academic researchers, funded in part by CPO’s CVP and MAPP programs, reviewed key structural differences among the most recent generation of earth system models (CMIP6) and highlighted why those differences matter from the point of view of a regional fisheries end user. By calling attention to the differences among models, the researchers hope to provide an entry point for fisheries end users to better diagnose the potential climate drivers of ecosystem uncertainties within their regions of interest. This research, published in Frontiers in Marine Science, is some of the first to feature the ongoing efforts of CPO’s FY20 focus on research and modeling to support the needs of NOAA fisheries. 

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