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Water Resources Dashboard Learning Session – River Observations, Daily Streamflow, and Flood Hazards


Wednesday, September 21, 2016  1:00 PM ET

This Learning Seminar will discuss three related data sets on NOAA’s Water Resources Dashboard that can help utility managers and planners better understand flood risks by looking at precipitation data and river levels. River Observations provides information on current and predicted flood status and discharge levels from gauges throughout the U.S. Daily Streamflow Conditions lets users know whether water levels are low, normal, or high in their area. Finally, vulnerability can be assessed throughout a community by looking at designated Flood Hazard Zones. Experts from NOAA, USGS, and FEMA will introduce participants to these data sets. A speaker from the Nashville Water Metro Services will demonstrate how such data is used in resiliency planning at his utility.
·         Mary Mullusky, NOAA
·         Marie Peppler, USGS
·         Scott McAfee, FEMA
·         Scott Potter, Director at Nashville Metro Water Services, President of the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies


Direct Registration Link
*The Learning Seminar on 9/21 and all future NOAA Water Resources Dashboard Learning Seminars can be found on the WE&RF Web Seminars Page

History Behind this Series:  Understanding and Use of Climate and Hydrological Data on the Water Resources Dashboard

Water resource managers, city planners, and the general public are witnessing changes in the climate, as well as associated impacts to our environment. To better plan for the future, the American Planning Association, American Water Works Association, Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Water Environment Federation, Water Environment & Reuse Foundation, and the Water Resource Foundation collaborated to create a water resources dashboard – a one-stop location for water-relevant data sets. (
 Together, we’ve created this series of webcasts that will highlight specific datasets. Each session targets one or more datasets featuring a scientist involved in the development or application of that data set, as well as a practitioner or decision maker that uses them in their operations or future planning. Sessions include time for question and answers. The webcast recordings will be added under their respective dataset within the Dashboard for future reference.

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