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Webinar Recording Now Available: “Environmental Justice/Service Equity: An Equitable Future Within the Water Utility Realm”


A recording from CPO’s “Environmental Justice/Service Equity: an equitable future within the water utility realm” webinar is now available. The webinar was hosted by the Coastal and Ocean Climate Applications Program (COCA) and Sectoral Applications Research Program (SARP) on Thursday, July 9, from 3-4 pm ET for their “Managing of Water Resources Along the Coast” community of practice. 

The webinar had over 150 registrants and focused on climate adaptation in the water utility sector. In particular, it highlighted the benefits of public/private partnerships and community engagement for planning and decision-making at the community level to address environmental justice and service equity, and the impact of green/gray infrastructure on communities. 

This webinar was the second in a series that explores science and research topics relevant to the “Managing Water Resources Along the Coast” community of practice. Future webinars will include a focus on tool tutorials, research topics and key scientific research.

If you have recommendations for future topics or tools that you would like to see highlighted, please contact Adrienne Antoine (, Nancy Beller-Simms (, and Jen Dopkowski (

Watch the webinar »

View the first Community of Practice Webinar, “Exploring socio-economic methodologies – cost-benefit and beyond” »

Individual presentations can be provided upon request by emailing

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