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Women’s History Month 2023: An Interview with Dr. Sarah Kapnick

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International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8th, kicked off OAR’s 2023 Women’s History Month Campaign. CPO’s CEE Division has contributed to this series of Q&A profiles, celebrating accomplished women at NOAA.

Dr. Sarah Kapnick has worn many hats: research scientist and deputy director at NOAA’s GFDL, sustainability strategist at J.P. Morgan, working mom, and—most recently—NOAA Chief Scientist. She was appointed in July 2022, and is now responsible for overseeing and prioritizing policy and program direction for NOAA’s science and technology goals. Dr. Kapnick is only the third woman in NOAA’s history to hold this prestigious position.

“I’m the third female chief scientist in NOAA’s history,’ Kapnick says, “but I surely hope and believe I will not be the last. I know there are more women behind me. I really look forward to welcoming them into the role in future years, and I look forward to the day we’re no longer counting female chief scientists and it won’t be a surprise anymore.”

In this interview, she discusses her interdisciplinary career path, scientific integrity at NOAA, and the importance of networking, especially as a woman in a scientific field.

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For more information contact Melissa DeFrancesco.

Image credit: Sarah Kapnick

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