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Home » Women’s History Month 2023: Interview with Jennifer Dopkowski

Women’s History Month 2023: Interview with Jennifer Dopkowski


International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8th, kicked off OAR’s 2023 Women’s History Month Campaign. Supported by CPO’s CEE Division, this interview concludes a series of profiles that celebrated accomplished women at NOAA working under the umbrella of climate resilience—their expertise ranging from science to adaptation planning to communication and education, and everything in between.

Jennifer Dopkowski is the OAR program manager for the Climate and Fisheries Adaptation (CAFA) program, a cross-line office partnership between CPO’s Climate and Societal Interactions (CSI) division and NOAA Fisheries. As the program manager, Jen oversees projects that advance understanding of climate-related impacts on living marine resources and the communities that depend on them to inform the adaptation and resilience of fishing communities and support sustainable fisheries management. Her responsibilities include designing and running interdisciplinary research competitions. Jen also supports a national interdisciplinary Community of Practice for CAFA principal investigators and their funded projects. In her interview, Jen discusses her female mentors, her successes with CAFA, and her challenges.

Read the interview here »

For more information, contact Gillen Curren.

Image credit: Jen Dopkowski


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