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Home » Women’s History Month: Interview with CPO Director’s Office Senior Advisor Dr. Annarita Mariotti

Women’s History Month: Interview with CPO Director’s Office Senior Advisor Dr. Annarita Mariotti


Dr. Annarita Mariotti is an accomplished climate scientist with more than twenty years of research experience and numerous publications. Born in Italy, she speaks Italian, English, and French fluently and is currently learning Mandarin Chinese. Dr. Mariotti completed a master’s degree in physics in Rome and a PhD in meteorology in Paris. Her PhD focused on the dynamics of the stratospheric polar vortex and how it influences the ozone hole. During her career, she has criss-crossed continents, working as a researcher in academia, a program director at CPO, a science diplomat in China, and a policy advisor at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). She is now a senior advisor and scientist at CPO.

For several years, Dr. Mariotti  helped to develop and lead the Modeling, Analysis, Predictions and Projection Program at CPO. After a few years, she spent two and a half years on detail to OSTP in various policy roles across two presidential administrations. Dr. Mariotti’s sense of purpose drove her to continue making progress on climate science and to lead several policy projects. It took guts and stamina. Her past publication record and scientific community standing were critically important in this changing landscape – it was clear what she was interested in and how she would contribute. 

In this interview, she discusses her full detail to OSTP, journey at NOAA/CPO, how her work ties into the climate-ready nation initiative and her experience working as a woman in the field of climate science. 

Read the interview » 

For more information, contact Amber Liggett.

Image credit: Dr. Annarita Mariotti


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