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Applicant Resources
at a Glance

Adaptation Sciences (AdSci) Program FY2024

Please review this content below for additional details/FAQs, and/or email us at

Federal Agency Name: Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Department of Commerce
Notice of Funding Opportunity Title: Climate Program Office (CPO), Adaptation Sciences Program FY2024
Announcement Type: Innitial
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number: 11.431, Climate and Atmospheric Research

NOFO at a Glance

The Adaptation Sciences (AdSci) program, an interdisciplinary research and engagement program, is housed in the NOAA Climate Program Office’s (CPO’s) Climate and Societal Interactions (CSI) Division. The AdSci program advances the knowledge, methods, and frameworks needed to move society beyond incremental adaptation toward more widespread, connected, and transformative adaptive pathways and resilience strategies with clear economic, social, cultural and environmental co-benefits. This work is conducted through a combination of dedicated partnerships that support capacity building and engagement activities, and competitive research awards designed to address key knowledge and information needs. Given the global complexities involved in climate impacts and society’s adaptive strategies, the AdSci program supports work both within and outside of the United States.

Learn more about AdSci at

Through the FY24 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), the AdSci Program is soliciting applications for two competitions:

  1. Competition 1: Evidence-building, Evaluation, and Learning Approaches to Support Adaptation to a Changing Climate 
    • Proposals can request up to $150,000 per year, for a maximum total of $300,000.00 total. Depending on the availability of funds, it is anticipated that 5-7 projects will be supported. 
  2. Competition 2: Developing a Social Science Research Agenda in Support of Adaptation and Resilience
    • Proposals can request a total budget in the range of $150,000- $300,000 (proposals should distribute the budget over the two year period to reflect the methodology used for the project). Depending on the availability of funds, it is anticipated that 1 project will be supported. 

Federal funding for future fiscal years may be used to fund proposals submitted under this Notice of Funding Opportunity.

CPO’s grant programs manage a competitive process through a NOFO announcement to make awards supporting high-quality research conducted across the United States and internationally on the most urgent climate science questions.  While each program area has its own focus, together they advance understanding of Earth’s climate system through interdisciplinary, integrated scientific research, and leverage the resulting knowledge, data, and systems to enhance society’s ability to plan and respond to climate variability and climate change. Toward this end, CPO also supports partnerships that build end-to-end pipelines of information (e.g., integrated information systems) flowing from scientists to decision-makers.

Additional Links & Information:

Letters of Intent:

Letters of intent (LOIs) should be received via Google Form by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on December 26th, 2023.

If an applicant is unable to utilize this form for technical reasons, LOIs should be received via email by the Competition Manager, Lisa Vaughan ( with a copy to by the same deadline.

Full Applications:

Full applications must be received by 11:59 pm Eastern Time, on March 20th, 2024.

Applications received after this time will not be considered for funding.

Applications must be submitted via For applications submitted through, the basis for determining timeliness is the receipt notice issued by, which includes the date and time received.

Emailed or faxed copies of applications will not be accepted.

Applicants without Internet access:

For applicants without internet access, please contact the CPO Grants Manager Diane Brown by mail at NOAA Climate Program Office (R/CP1), SSMC3, Room 12734, 1315 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910 to obtain an application package.

Please allow two weeks after receipt for a response. Hard copy submissions will be date and time stamped when they are received in the Climate Program Office.

Federal lead investigators who wish to apply to this Announcement of Opportunity must prepare a proposal according to the FFO guidelines and submit the proposal to the program manager directly, instead of to Federal co-investigators must submit a proposal identical to the proposal lead’s but with personalized budget information.

Letters of Intent for Federal investigators should be received by the Competition Manager by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on December 26th, 2023 for all competitions.

Full applications must be received by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on March 20th, 2024.

Application packages:

Visit the listing and click on Apply.

Federal Funding Opportunity Number:


Applicants without Internet access:

Send applications to:
Diane Brown
CPO Grants Manager
NOAA Climate Program Office (R/CP1), SSMC3, Room 12734
1315 East-West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Please allow two weeks after receipt for a response. Hard copy submissions will be date and time stamped when they are received in the Climate Program Office.

Please visit the AdSci website for further information at or contact the AdSci Competition Manager, Lisa Vaughan ( and

Diane Brown, CPO Grants Manager at

AdSci FY2024 Competition Information Session LOI Phase

The Adaptation Sciences team will hold a virtual information sessions to answer questions and review the application process.

Read More

AdSci FY2024 Competition Information Session Full Proposal Phase

The Adaptation Sciences team will hold one virtual information session to answer questions and review the full application process. Date: Thursday February 8, 2024 Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm Eastern Time

Read More

List Of Competitions

NOAA is accepting individual applications for 2 competitions.

Program Manager(s):

In FY24, the Adaptation Sciences program is seeking proposals for evaluation and evaluation research that advances evaluation methods and approaches in order to support more transformative adaptation and resilience. Research proposals should seek to undertake one or both of the following: 

Expand the evidence base for evaluating adaptation actions and investments, including the identification of metrics and frameworks, with an emphasis on those that measure social and economic outcomes of adaptation (including equity) and advance society’s capacity to compare and/or scale up approaches.

Develop the frameworks, partnerships, approaches and methods needed to evaluate adaptation, including those elements that move society toward more transformative pathways.

Program Manager(s):

AdSci is seeking proposals that will generate a social science research agenda, which reflects existing knowledge, and identifies gaps that can be addressed to support adaptation and resilience efforts. This can be achieved through inclusive review, analysis, and assessment of scientific literature, climate adaptation plans and actions, local knowledge and other similar information, in addition to engagement processes to inform social science research needs.

This work should develop and articulate a coherent set of nested research questions and approaches that will provide a framework for the generation of knowledge, methods and insights essential to the development, implementation and evaluation of effective adaptation strategies, policies and investments. It should be useful to the interdisciplinary scientific community and the broader landscape of entities, including funding agencies and implementation partners, working in this space.

Funding Opportunities News and Events

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