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Interview with Climate Scientist Kathie Dello

This article kicks off a series of interviews with NOAA Climate Program Office (CPO) employees and CPO-funded scientists in celebration of Women’s History Month.

Kathie Dello is the state climatologist of North Carolina and the director of the North Carolina State Climate Office (NCSCO). She is the 5th permanent director and first woman to hold this position at the NCSCO in the office’s history.

Upcoming Webinar: 2021 Great Lakes Climate Modeling Workshop Summary

The virtual workshop aimed to advance the state of climate modeling, translation, and integration into climate adaptation efforts across the Great Lakes region. The Great Lakes Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (RISA) team will walk webinar attendees through the workshop and some of the key findings.

Western Water Assessment Hosts Webinar Series on Snowpack Monitoring User Guide

The webinar series reached over 330 stakeholders and shared stakeholder-requested information about snowpack monitoring data, tools, and their applications, highlighting efforts by partners like NOAA Colorado River Basin Forecast Center.

Pacific RISA Sustained Climate Assessment Specialist Testifies at House Committee on Natural Resources Hearing

Zena Grecni, Pacific RISA Sustained Climate Assessment Specialist, will share key findings from the latest series of Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment reports, as well as her experiences working in the Pacific Islands to educate lawmakers. 

Alaska RISA Launches Alaska Drought Webinar Series

What does drought look like in Alaska? Limited climate data in the state cannot tell us when streams are so low fish cannot pass or when flowing water is insufficient to operate hydropower. These webinars seek to gather local knowledge and better understand the challenges of drought to food security, energy systems, and more.

RISA to Host Information Webinars for 2021 Funding Opportunities

The webinars will facilitate improved understanding of the Program and the 2021 Funding Opportunity, which will usher in an exciting new phase for the RISA program in responding to decision maker needs, Congressional direction, and strengthening a community of NOAA, federal, state, local, and tribal partners.

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