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NIDIS Events

Midwest DEWS Hosts Partner Input Sessions on 2021-2024 Strategic Action Plan

The Plan for the Midwest Drought Early Warning System (DEWS) will help identify gaps and needs within the region through a consultative process, which can be used to direct NIDIS and other federal agency funding as well as justify other investments. The partner input sessions will ensure that the Plan accurately represents the needs of regional partners.

NIDIS supports FEMA Region VIII Local Mitigation Planning Workshop

The workshop will provide guidance on developing or updating local hazard mitigation plans to meet the requirements for FEMA assistance. NIDIS will talk about drought as one hazard that should be considered during the planning effort, highlight data and resources on the U.S. Drought Portal to aid planners in their drought risk assessment, and join a panel on Federal Resources for Hazard Planning. 

What is Flash Drought? Takeaways from the NIDIS Flash Drought Workshop

The 2017 Northern Plains flash drought’s swift onset and severity were not forecasted, and it resulted in fires that burned 4.8 million acres and U.S. agricultural losses in excess of $2.6 billion dollars. Episodes like this have sparked intense interest in flash drought and a clear conceptualization of what it is in both the research community and the end user/applications community

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