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CPO’s Earth System Science and Modeling Division Well-Represented at AMS 101st Annual Meeting


Principal investigators (PIs) funded by project awards granted through the CPO Earth System Science and Modeling (ESSM) Division’s programs came out in force for the 101st American Meteorological Society (AMS) Annual Meeting. Over 60 PIs chaired and/or presented for at least one AMS session, everything from Core Science keynotes to poster presentations. Overall, this illustrates the high level of engagement CPO-funded PIs bring to the larger Climate community. Several associated PIs were also honored during the AMS Awards Ceremony. 

  • THE HENRY G. HOUGHTON AWARD — Kerri A. Pratt (AC4 FY20) 
  • Editor’s Award, Journal of Climate — Qinghua Ding (MAPP FY19)
  • AMS Fellows — Marika M. Holland (CVP FY15); Sarah T. Gille (COM FY14); Janet Sprintall (CVP FY17); Junhong Wang (COM FY18)

The full list of ESSM-funded* presenters and session chairs are included below, organized with conferences in the same order AMS lists them and then alphabetically by last name. 

*For FY17-19 project awards given by Atmospheric Chemistry, Carbon Cycle, & Climate (AC4), Climate Observations and Monitoring (COM), Climate Variability & Predictability (CVP), and Modeling, Analysis, Predictions, and Projections (MAPP) programs. 




11th Conference on Transition of Research to Operations  Michael Barlage (MAPP FY17). Session 1B “Improving Community Involvement in UFS Land Model Development through Hierarchical Testing: A Case Study with Noah-MP” 

Zhuo Wang (MAPP FY18). Session 1B “Process-Oriented Model Diagnostics for Extended-Range Forecasts” 

13th Symposium on Aerosol – Cloud – Climate Interactions Graham Feingold (CVP FY19). Session 4: “Aerosol Effects on Warm Cloud Systems (Invited Presentation)”

Andrew Gettelman (MAPP FY18). Joint Session 3: “Climate Impacts of COVID-19 Emissions Reductions via Aerosol–Cloud Interactions” 

Yu Gu (MAPP FY19). Joint Session 3, Chair. 

Jadwiga Richter (MAPP FY18). Session 13, Chair.

Paquita Zuidema (CVP FY19). Session 4: “Aerosol–Cloud Interactions within the Context of the Larger-Scale Circulation over the Subtropical Southern Oceans in Observations and Models (Invited Presentation)”

17th Annual Symposium on Operational Environmental Satellite Systems  Cheng-Zhi Zou (COM FY18). Session 13: “Support to S-NPP and JPSS Satellite Reprocessing”
19th Symposium on the Coastal Environment Karthik Balaguru (COM FY17). Session 13: “A Risk Analysis Framework for Tropical Cyclones (RAFT)”
21st Conference on Aviation, Range, and Aerospace Meteorology  Hyeyum Hailey Shin (MAPP FY19). Joint Session 9 “Supporting Urban Air Mobility Operations with Building-Resolving Simulations: Weather Sensitivities of Finescale Urban Flows” and Poster #814 Comparison of Ensemble Generation Methods for Global Probabilistic Turbulence Forecasts Using the Graphical Turbulence Guidance (GTG) System
22nd Conference on Air-Sea Interaction Shuyi S. Chen (CVP FY17). Keynote for Session 4: “Multiscale Processes in Air–Sea Coupling: Observations and Earth System Modeling (Invited Presentation)”

Hyodae Seo (CVP FY17). Joint Session 3, Chair.

Jim Thomson (CVP FY19). Keynote for Session 2: “Air–Sea Interactions and the New Arctic (Invited Presentation)”

23rd Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry Ronald Cohen (AC4 FY18). Joint Session 6A: “Observations and Inferences of Shelter-in-Place CO2 Reductions with Kilometer-Scale Resolution”

Julianna Christopoulos (CPO Lapenta Intern). Session 2B: “Assessment of COVID-19-Related Emission Changes on Crop Yields across the Continental United States” 

Gabriel Katul (MAPP FY19). Session 5B “A Universal Scaling Law for Gas Transfer Velocities across Complex Interfaces (Invited Presentation)”

Julie M. Nicely (AC4 FY19). Poster#795: “A Machine Learning Examination of Methane Lifetime Differences Among Model Simulations for CCMI-1”

Pablo Saide (AC4 FY18). Joint Session 8B: “Evaluation and Intercomparison of Multiple Models Forecasting Biomass-Burning Smoke during FIREX-AQ 2019 (Invited Presentation)”

Ross J. Salawitch (AC4 FY19). Session 4A: “The Influence of Climate Change on Conditions that Lead to Chemical Loss of Ozone in the Arctic Stratosphere”

Joel Thornton (AC4 FY17). Session 3B: “Oxidative Processing of Reactive Nitrogen and Organic Vapors in Fresh Wildfire Plumes: Implications for Ozone and Particulate Matter Formation (Invited Presentation)” 

24th Conference on Satellite Meteorology, Oceanography, and Climatology  Qinghua Ding (MAPP FY19). Session 5 “Nudging Observed Winds in the Arctic to Quantify Associated Sea Ice Loss in the Past Decades”
25th Conference on Integrated Observing and Assimilation Systems for the Atmosphere, Oceans, and Land Surface (IOAS-AOLS) Ethan Gutmann (MAPP FY 19). Session 12 “Explicitly Simulating Snow Spatial Variability at Scale to Improve Predictions”

Daryl Kleist (MAPP FY18). Session 3 “Individual Low-Skill Forecasts from the NCEP GFS: A Detailed Analysis of Significant Dropout for a Case Initialized on 6 June 2020 and Composite Study Using Reforecasts (Invited Presentation)” and Session 6, Chair. 

Zhaoxia Pu (CVP FY17). Session 3: “Enhancing the Prediction of Landfalling Hurricanes with Improved Assimilation of Radial Velocity from Coastal NEXRAD and Surface Observations into HWRF” and Session 4, Chair. 

David A. Robinson (COM FY17). Session 12: “Enhanced Historical Monitoring of Snow Cover across Northern Hemisphere Lands for Improved Seasonal Climate Prediction”

Joao Teixeira (CVP FY19). Session 2: “NASA Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL) Incubation Study (Invited Presentation)” and Session 2, Chair. 

Junhong ‘June’ Wang (COM FY18). Session 12: “New York State Mesonet Snow Measurements”

34th Conference on Climate Variability and Change Antonietta Capotondi (MAPP FY17). Session 10A “Patterns of Pacific Wind Variations in Satellite and Reanalysis Products and Their Influence on ENSO Diversity” and Session 12B, Chair. 

Samson Hagos (CVP FY17). Session 13A: “The Influence of Background Divergent Moisture Flux on the Frequency and Spatial Distribution of North Pacific Atmospheric Rivers” and Session 14A, Chair. 

Jan Kazil (CVP FY19). Session 3A: “Trade Cumulus Cold Pool Properties during the ATOMIC and EUREC4A Field Campaign Season”

Young-Oh Kwon (MAPP FY17). Joint 10B, Chair.  

Eric Maloney (MAPP FY18). Joint Session 14A: “Wind Speed, Surface Flux, and Intraseasonal Convection Coupling from CYGNSS Data” 

Michael Notaro (MAPP FY18). Session 3B “Are HighResMIP Global Climate Models Capable of Reasonably Capturing Lake-Effect Snow in the Laurentian Great Lakes Basin?” 

Janet Sprintall (CVP FY17). Session 14A: “Observed Air–Sea Interactions due to Barrier Layers during Recent Pacific Field Campaigns”

Colin Zarzycki (CVP FY19/MAPP FY19). Session 3B “Improving Near-Surface Tropical Cyclone Dynamics in Earth System Models” 

35th Conference on Hydrology  Paul Dirmeyer (MAPP FY19). Session 3A and Session 4, Chair.

Trent Ford (MAPP FY17). Session 4: “Investigation of Soil Moisture–Precipitation Interactions in the Central United States Using Thunderstorm Observation by Radar (ThOR)”

Pierre Gentine (MAPP FY17). Session 9B: “Hybrid evapotranspiration modeling. Best of both worlds. (Invited Presentation)”

Ethan Gutmann (MAPP FY 19). Session 2B, Chair and Poster Session 1A, Chair.

Celine He (MAPP FY19). Poster #188 “Impact of vegetation canopy-wind treatment on mountain snowpack modeling in the western U.S.”

Sujay Kumar (MAPP FY17). Session 3B: “Impact of Surface Albedo Assimilation on Snow Estimation”; Poster Session 3C, Convener; Robert E. Horton Lecture, Chair; and, Session 9B, Chair.

John W. Nielsen-Gammon (COM FY17/MAPP FY17). Sessions 1A and Session 2A, Chair.

Christa Peters-Lidard (MAPP FY17). Session 11 Keynote: “Thirty Years of Progress in Land Data Assimilation (Invited Presentation) (Core Science Keynote)”

Steven Quiring (MAPP FY17). Session 2A: “Developing National Soil Moisture Products to Improve Drought Monitoring” 

Joseph Santaenllo (MAPP FY19). Session 3A and Session 4, Chair.

Richard Seager (MAPP FY17). Session 1B: “Prediction of Seasonal Meteorological Drought Onset and Termination over the Southern Great Plains in the North American Multimodel Ensemble”

Youlong Xia (MAPP FY17). Poster #588: “Upgraded Operational North American Land Data Assimilation System and its Preliminary Evaluation” and Poster #218: “Preliminary comparison and evaluation of soil moisture simulated in GFSv15 and GFSv16”

Fourth Special Symposium on Tropical Meteorology and Tropical Cyclones George Kiladis (CVP FY17). Joint Session 13: “Representation of Stratospheric Kelvin and Mixed Rossby–Gravity Wave Activity in Various Reanalysis Datasets”

Naoko Sakaeda (CVP FY17). Joint Session 13, Chair. 

Carl Schreck (MAPP FY18). Joint Session 13, Chair. 

Zhuo Wang (MAPP FY18). Session 11: “Summertime Stationary Waves Integrate Tropical and Extratropical Impacts on Tropical Cyclone Activity” 

Ninth AMS Symposium on the Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation (JCSDA) Daryl Kleist (MAPP FY18). Session 13 and Session 14, Chair.
9th Symposium on the Madden-Julian Oscillation and Sub-Seasonal Monsoon Variability Juliana Dias (CVP FY17). Session 10: “The Role of the MJO in Tropical-to-Extratropical Forecast Error Interactions” and Joint Session 12, Chair as well as Poster Session, Chair. 

Xiannan Jiang (CVP FY17). Session 10: “A review on interactions between the Madden-Julian Oscillation and the Maritime Continent”

T. M. Shaun Johnston (CVP FY17). Poster#868: “Near-Inertial Wave Propagation in the Wake of Supertyphoon Mangkhut: Measurements from a Profiling Float Array”

Daehyun Kim (MAPP FY18). Poster #862 “The Role of the Latent Heat Flux Feedback on the MJO’s Seasonal Cycle” 

Naoko Sakaeda (CVP FY17). Keynote for Joint Session 12: “The Unique Characteristics and Potential Mechanisms of the MJO–QBO Relationship”

Carl Schreck (MAPP FY18). Joint Session 12: “How Does the MJO Affect Extreme Rainfall around the Tropics?” 

Chidong Zhang (CVP FY17/COM FY18). Session 10: “Progress in Understanding Physical Processes and Dynamics of the MJO (Core Science Keynote)”

Ninth Symposium on the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise Paul Dirmeyer (MAPP FY19). Panel Discussion 14.

Michael Ek (MAPP FY19). Panel Discussion 14. 

Ben Livneh (MAPP FY 19). Joint Session 11 “The Resilience of Computational Approaches for Future Water Supply Predictions in California”

20th Annual Student Conference Benjamin Kirtman (MAPP FY18). Panelist, Session 2A: “Mind” 

Naoko Sakaeda (CVP FY17). Panelist, Session 4D: “Conversations with Professionals – Academia Speakers”

Courtney Schumacher (CVP FY17). Panelist, Session 6C: “Graduate Admissions Panel”


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