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2013 Gordon Research Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry

The Gordon Research Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry has been held every two years since 1985. This conference brings together academic, government and industrial scientists from around the world to discuss current problems in atmospheric composition. The central objective of the conference is to promote exchange of information and ideas on topics of contemporary interest in atmospheric science. The intellectual exchange via formal presentations, the off-the-record exchanges from the floor, the discussions at the poster sessions, and the casual interactions outside the meeting room are unique to the Gordon Research Conference format. It is expected that the broader impact of this support will occur at a number of levels. The focused discussions and presentations on new thoughts and results in atmospheric science invariably influence the course of research for many individuals in the years following the conference. This influence within the scientific community should reinforce or change research directions, speed the progress of research, and increase its efficiency; and, hence, create a broad impact on the community and advance scientific knowledge. The 2013 Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Atmospheric Chemistry will be held at Mount Snow Resort, Mount Snow, Vermont, with technical sessions from Sunday evening, July 28, through Friday morning, August 2. It is anticipated that the number of participants will be 150, a limit set to promote the vigorous discussion and close interchange of ideas that is the hallmark of these conferences. Recent Atmospheric Chemistry Gordon Research conferences have been over-subscribed, and it is expect the 2013 conference to be no exception. Of the 150 participants, 25 are recent Ph.D. students who attend the ACCESS (Atmospheric Chemistry Colloquium for Emerging Senior Scientists) colloquium held in the three days preceding the Gordon Conference and present posters at the main conference. In addition, young investigators who have not yet received tenure will be among the speakers that can be supported by this grant. Funding for partial support of the conference has historically been provided by a collaboration of U.S. Research Funding Agencies (EPA, NASA, NSF, NOAA, and DOE), by private funding from industry, and by the Gordon Research Conferences. This proposal specifically requests NOAA support for speakers, discussion leaders and attendees for the sessions on �??energy and emissions,�?� and �??anthropogenic-biogenic interactions.�?� Three experts reviewed this proposal and rated it highly, noting that the conference has a �??unique role in fostering communication within our field in an informal setting with plenty of time for discussion.�?� �??mk, 2/12/2013

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