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Determination of Instantaneous Ozone Production Regime with Total OH Reactivity Measurements in the New York Metropolitan Area During the AEROMMA Campaign

Despite a long history of the ozone pollution problem, the overall conceptual framework to evaluate ozone production has not been advanced since the mid-90s. This study is expected to substantially move this framework forward with a new metric to define the ozone production regime in the New York Metropolitan Area (NYMA) during the AEROMMA campaign by simultaneously deploying total hydroxide (OH) reactivity and VOC observation systems at two sites. The resulting comprehensive observational dataset will be used to evaluate instantaneous ozone production regimes in the emission and the downwind sites. The outcomes of the research activities are a comprehensive understanding of the role of complicated mixtures of VOCs in NYC and the surrounding region for determining trace gas reactivity and ozone production to accurately diagnose the status of ozone pollution in the New York Metropolitan area and confidently prognose overall pollution issues for potential pollutant abatement scenarios.

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