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Evolution of Emissions over the Course of Individual Wildfires as observed from Space

This project proposes to use comprehensive trace gas and aerosol measurements made from satellite remote sensing instruments to study the composition of wildfire emissions, how these evolve over the course of individual wildfires, and depend on fire radiative power. The project also aims to study how sensitive the wildfire plume composition sensed from space is to retrieval biases and how these biases affect the analysis of the evolution of wildfire emissions. By combining our analysis of wildfire plume composition sensed from space with insights from the Fire Influence on Regional to Global Environments and Air Quality (FIREX-AQ) and Fire Influence on Regional and Global Environments Experiment (FIREX) Firelab 2016 studies, the team of researchers will develop a simple parameterization that calculates the gas-phase and aerosol composition of wildfire emissions based on parameters that can be sensed from space.

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