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Improving Biomass Burning Emissions in CarbonTracker: Imposing the Multi-Species Atmospheric Constraint

The goal of the project is to address two main questions in the context of CarbonTracker: 1) How much carbon is emitted from biomass burning at regional, continental, & global scales? 2) What uncertainties in current carbon estimates are introduced by errors in fire emissions? The objectives are: �?� Provide a state-of-the-science, high resolution fire emission product for CarbonTracker over North America �?� Quantify the impact of fires on NOAA measurements �?� Assess the veracity of the new emission inventory and existing fire products �?� Improve CarbonTracker results by reducing uncertainties in fire emissions The proposed work is: (1) Develop the new Univ. of Montana/Fire Lab (UMFL) high-resolution fire emission inventory (daily, 1km) for North America. (2) Quantify impact of fire emissions on observations at sites in the NOAA/associated networks. (3) Assess and optimize the UMFL fire emission inventory by comparing against observed CO2 (4) Test sensitivity of CarbonTracker to different fire emission estimates.

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