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Meassurements of Semivolatile Organic Compounds, Intermediate-Volatility Organic Compounds, and Total Gas-Phase Organic Compounds at the Los Angeles Ground Site During CalNex 2010

The goal of the project is to deploy a novel Total Gas-Phase Organics (TGO) mass spectrometer at the Los Angeles ground site during CalNex 2010 to do on-line measurements of semivolatile and intermediate volatility organic compounds with fast time resolution. This instrument was designed to measure IVOCs and SVOCs via: 1) cryogenic trapping and concentrating VOCs, 2) thermally desorbing the organics into a mass spectrometer, and 3) analyzing the mass and bulk chemistry of the desorbed organics with electron impact high-resolution mass spectrometry. The thermal desorption can be conducted in two modes: a) flash evaporation to determine all organics and b) temperature-programmed evaporation to obtain volatility-resolved chemical compositional information.

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