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Nitrogen cycle interagency group meets at USGCR


A group of 21 agency and USGCRP representatives met for a full day meeting at USGCRP office on May 29 in order to improve interagency coordination of nitrogen cycle research and to identify opportunities for interagency collaboration. 
The effort is part of Process Research Committee, a new structure aligned with the USGCRP Strategic Plan. Co-chaired by EPA (Christopher Clark) and NOAA (Monika Kopacz), and composed of program managers and senior agency scientists, the group included participation from DOE, EPA, NASA, NOAA, NSF, USDA (NIFA, FS) and USGS. Jim Galloway from University of Virginia presented an overview of nitrogen cycle research and application in the past and looking to the future. 
The agency discussion loosely focused around the themes of air, water and land, with emphasis on research at the interfaces. Throughout the meeting, several common as well as emerging interests were identified, such as nitrous oxides constraints, nitrogen mitigation, nitrogen budget uncertainties, and the group agreed to continue the interagency dialog. 
Going forward, a regular schedule of meetings will be established to discuss progress on action items identified so far and to continue identifying further interagency opportunities. 

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