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March 2014

Drought Task Force Special Collection on Advancing Drought Monitoring and Prediction now available

This special collection of the Journal of Hydrometeorology focuses on scientific research to advance the U.S.’s capability to monitor and predict drought, including the development of new data and methodologies. The results presented in this issue represent the outcomes of research in large part funded by NOAA’s Modeling, Analysis, Predictions and Projections (MAPP) program, also leveraging other U.S. agencies’ investments, and coordinated within the framework of the MAPP Drought Task Force.

New bilateral climate impact and outlook report for Rio Grande-Rio Bravo region

The second edition of a quarterly Rio Grande/Rio Bravo (RGB) Climate Impacts and Outlook report has been released for Spring 2014. Led by the Climate Assessment of the Southwest (CLIMAS) and prepared as part of the RGB regional pilot project for the North American Climate Services Partnership (NACSP), this quarterly publication synthesizes recent, current, and near-term forecasted conditions on both sides of the U.S. and Mexico borders.

NACSP 2013-2017 Strategy and Work Plan

The North American Climate Services Partnership recently released their 2013-2017 Strategy and Work Plan. The seven-page NACSP Strategy document outlines the mission, drivers, strategic goals, scope and approach, and guiding principles for the Partnership. 

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