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Climate Variability & Predictability (CVP)

Critical Research Outcomes at 2023 US CLIVAR Summit with Strong CPO Showing

CPO staff, collaborators, and funded scientists engage in discussions on topics like climate impact on humans, indigenous peoples’ climate information needs, and the importance of the Southern Ocean in climate models, resulting in key research outcomes.

Refining our Understanding of Connections between Tropical Modes of Variability

A new Nature Communications publication supported by the CVP and MAPP programs describes improved observational evidence for relationships between tropical weather patterns, providing a tool to improve climate models and projections of high-impact weather events like tropical cyclones, monsoons, and more.

Informational Webinar on NOAA’s Climate Ecosystems Fisheries Initiative for the FY24 CPO NOFO – CVP and MAPP programs

The CVP and MAPP Programs hosted an informational webinar on their FY24 Competitions in support of NOAA’s Climate Ecosystems Fisheries Initiative (CEFI). The webinar included a discussion of the ongoing research and priority areas from the perspective of NOAA Research scientists, along with a Q&A Section.

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