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CPO and partners officially launch the Belmont Forum’s Climate, Environment and Health Research Projects

From June 16-18, Lisa Vaughan and Juli Trtanj of NOAA’s Climate Program Office joined funding agencies and researchers from around the world in a virtual launch of the nine international research consortia focused on Climate, Environment and Health under the auspices of the Belmont Forum. The projects focus on linkages between climate and infectious diseases, heat and/or food systems and nutrition. Participants discussed challenges and opportunities offered by transdisciplinary research that engages stakeholders and best practices for working across disciplines and national boundaries in the field of climate and health. The participants identified the potential added value of working beyond national borders through the Belmont Forum, including: the exchange of data and information among partners, feedback to the physical and natural science community about the climate-related needs of the public health sector, the importance of focusing on tangible outcomes, and the ability to scale research findings for broader learning and practical use. The Belmont Forum created a summary video of the nine projects, five of which are supported directly by CPO’s International Research and Applications Project (IRAP) through a partnership with the US National Science Foundation (NSF).


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