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CPO’s Marine Ecosystem Climate Risk Team launches partnership with NOAA’s Ecosystem Indicators Working Group

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CPO’s Marine Ecosystem Climate Risk Team (MERT) recently launched its partnership with NOAA’s Ecosystem Indicators Working Group (EIWG), leveraging CPO’s on-going work and collaboration with the National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI) for this effort. Through support from CPO’s Assessments Program, the NCEI Technical Support Unit (TSU), which includes collaborations with the North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies, will support the transition of NOAA’s National Marine Ecosystem Status website to an operational status. The NCEI TSU will also work with the United States Global Change Research Program’s Indicators Working Group (USGCRP IndiWG) to augment the USGCRP Indicator suite with indicators developed by the EIWG. This support brings NCEI’s expertise of providing access to high quality, high visibility data products to help advance NOAA EIWG’s multi-year indicator and platform development effort. 

MERT is a cross-division team within CPO with contributions from the Earth System Science and Modeling Division, Climate-Society Interactions Division, Director’s Office, Communication, Education, and Engagement Division, as well as the National Ocean Service’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries.

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