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climate change

CPO Supports Stakeholder Engagement Workshop to Develop a Research for Action on Climate Change and Health in the Caribbean

As part of an ongoing partnership in the region focused on the development of climate services for adaptation and resilience, NOAA’s Adaptation Sciences program provided funding to Blue Sky Development Consulting to support experts in the design and implementation of an assessment of the state of climate and health science, priorities, and adaptive capacity in the Caribbean.

More than 10 CPO staff, research team members, and interns will attend and present on climate topics relevant to CPO’s mission at the American Meteorological Society 103rd Annual Meeting

More than 10 CPO staff, research team members, and interns will attend and present on climate-related topics at the 2023 American Meteorological Society (AMS) meeting. The presentations represent a total of 19 abstracts. As leaders in the field, some of the staff will lead sessions and town halls while others are supporting authors. See the full list of CPO presentations at AMS below.

CAP/RISA briefs Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Climate Change Professionals

his presentation communicated the goals and structure of the CAP/RISA program, presented tools and recent accomplishments of relevance to the DHS mission, and discussed opportunities for them to learn more about CPO’s climate work.

Credit: PESC

Pacific RISA, a NOAA CAP/RISA team, co-lead investigator Laura Brewington organizes the first Pacific Ecological Security Conference (PESC)

Laura Brewington, co-lead investigator for Pacific RISA, a NOAA CAP/RISA team, organized the Pacific Ecological Security Conference (PESC) to discuss the threat of climate change and invasive species in the Pacific Region.

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