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Home » California-Nevada RISA Collaborates with American Planning Association on Climate Resilience Report

California-Nevada RISA Collaborates with American Planning Association on Climate Resilience Report


The California-Nevada Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (RISA) team recently collaborated with the American Planning Association (APA) to produce a new report that proposes a framework for climate resilience planning in the San Diego region. Titled Collaborative Planning for Climate Resilience, the report will serve as the basis for evaluating and adapting to the impending threats posed by climate change, some of which are unique to the region and many of which are already being experienced in other regions across the United States.

The plan proposes ways that planning can be made more effective through collaboration among local and regional government agencies, working jointly with scientific institutions and non-governmental organizations. While most planning typically focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and climate change impacts, this report goes further, detailing how collaborative planning can make communities more resilient to those impacts. It places special emphasis on the needs of underserved communities—largely low-income communities, communities of color, tribal communities, and some rural areas—that are particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts.

While the report focuses on the San Diego region, its findings and recommendations are equally applicable throughout California and other regions severely impacted by climate change.

In addition to the three lead authors, nine contributing planning and scientific experts, along with twenty-four external reviewers from a broad range of state, regional, and local agencies and organizations contributed. The report is an important addition to the planning literature on climate change.

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