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CPO highlights 2016 milestones and achievements



The Climate Program Office (CPO) is releasing its 2016 Annual Report. The report gives an overview of CPO’s achievements in FY16 and highlights the great work done by the Office’s Divisions and Programs to advance scientific understanding of climate and improve society’s ability to plan and respond.

The demand for environmental information continues to increase across all sectors as people, businesses, and communities grapple with the growing impacts of unusual or extreme weather and climate conditions. Thoughtful, well-informed plans and preparations are required to seize opportunities, minimize risks and vulnerabilities, and hence address these challenges. 

CPO is uniquely poised at the intersection of NOAA’s science and service missions, the climate research community, and the broader climate enterprise, which enables it to lead a research agenda and forge partnerships that enhance society’s ability to make effective decisions.

To download a PDF of the report, visit: /wp-content/uploads/2023/11/2016CPOAnnualReport.pdf

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