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Home » CPO selects Adam Parris as CASD division chief

CPO selects Adam Parris as CASD division chief


Adam Parris has been selected as division chief for the Climate Assessment and Services Division, which houses the Climate and Societal Interactions (CSI) Program at CPO. Adam is building on his role as program manager for the Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (RISA) Program and his work on sea level rise scenarios for the US National Climate Assessment that were a basis for the GreenGov-award-winning Sea Level Rise Tool for the Sandy Recovery. These efforts are chronicled in a new article coming out this week in Issues in Science and Technology, a publication of the National Academy of Sciences, called “How Hurricane Sandy Tamed the Bureaucracy.”


CSI provides leadership and support for bringing sound science to bear on climate sensitive resource management and adaptation challenges. CSI is CPO’s locus for interdisciplinary research and applications in regions and sectors both domestic and international. CSI includes the Sectoral Applications and Research program (SARP), Coasts and Ocean Climate Applications program (COCA), the International Resaerch and Applications program (IRAP), and RISA. CSI is also a close partner of the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) in that it helps develop and manage the Coping with Drought research and development initiative.


Adam will continue to work on the RISA program. However, in this new capacity, Adam will also work with CSI staff who have lead the development of these innovative programs, as well as previous efforts like the White House Council on Environmental Quality Adaptation Task Force and regional and sectoral products of the past two National Climate Assessments.

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