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New Mid-Atlantic RISA Tool Helps Find and Select Models for the Chesapeake Bay


In the Mid-Atlantic region, many hydrologic, coastal, and environmental system models and decision-making tools are used to support water management, understand planning and management tradeoffs, and characterize social, economic, and ecological benefits.To support the use of models and tools for climate adaptation planning efforts, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessment (MARISA), a CPO RISA team, recently published the Model Inventory and Selection Tool (MIST). MIST is an interactive, searchable database of empirical, statistical, and conceptual models of natural and human-made systems relevant to water- and climate-related planning and decision making in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and beyond. The database aims to make more than 100 different models and tools more accessible to practitioners, stakeholders, and decisionmakers.

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