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Notice of Funding Opportunities

clouds in the sky
A new MAPP-funded study examines cloud representation and behavior in the Community Earth System Model, version 2, finding the largest uncertainties in the ability to capture low-level boundary layer clouds and detailed variability.

More News

CAP/RISA funding was critical in launching Ladd Keith’s successful career in heat governance….
Wildfire model shows that accounting for firefighting efforts is the most effective way to improve real-time fire forecasting, when AC4-funded researchers compare with observations collected…
This was an opportunity to communicate climate change topics to a general audience and to demonstrate that NOAA’s Climate Program Office can be relied upon….
COM-funded researchers produced a robust climate reconstruction from 800 through 2005 CE using paleoclimate data from across the globe and multiple models….
Funding will support NOAA effort to strengthen climate adaptation…
Inflation Reduction Act will support NOAA effort to build climate adaptation in the Central Midwest…
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