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NOAA Climate Program Office funding opportunity for FY 2014 now available

Climate Adaptation Partnerships Program

Along with its partners, NOAA CPO supports competitive research through four major programs — Climate Observations and Monitoring (COM); Earth System Science (ESS); Modeling, Analysis, Predictions, and Projections (MAPP); and Climate and Societal Interactions (CSI). All together, these programs are holding nine individual competitions for research funding in FY 2014.
The COM program is conducting two competitions: one for the development of data sets for weather/climate extremes and ocean climate indicators; the other for reconstructions and analyses of paleoclimate proxy/multi-proxy datasets.
The ESS program is conducting two competitions: the first is soliciting proposals for focused data analysis and/or multi-model experimentation that seek to better understand tropical Pacific processes, biases, and climatology. The second competition is soliciting proposals that aim to place observational constraints on sources and sinks of aerosols and greenhouse gases via measurements, analysis, and modeling.
MAPP is also conducting two competitions: one for research to advance understanding, monitoring, and prediction of drought, the other to improve NOAA’s operational systems for climate prediction.
CSI is hosting the final three competitions for FY 2014.  The first, a part of the Sectoral Applications Research Program (SARP), focuses on climate extreme event preparedness, planning, and adaptation. The aim is to develop strategies for building sector-based community resilience to the impacts of extreme events on water resources and water-resource dependent activities.
The second competition, also for SARP, focuses on initiatives for coping with drought in support of the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS). The final competition, part of the Coastal and Ocean Climate Application (COCA) program, focuses on the development and application of methodologies for integrating ecosystem services for resilient coasts.
For more details on the competitions and how to apply, visit the CPO Funding Opportunities page. To learn more about CPO’s competitive research programs, visit the Climate Programs page.

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