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Report Developed by CNAP and Partners Detailing Impacts of Climate Change in Nevada is now available in both English and Spanish


Scientists from the California-Nevada Climate Assessment Program (CNAP) funded through CPO’s Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (RISA) program assisted in the development of the Impacts of Climate Change in Nevada report as part of the Nevada State Climate Strategy in 2020. In support of this, the Nevada Climate Initiative announced last week that the overview of the Impacts of Climate Change in Nevada is now available in both English and Spanish. This primer distills the best available science about how climate change has already and will continue to impact Nevada and strategies that can be used to prepare for these changes. The summary was authored by top climate scientists from across the state.

The Impacts of Climate Change in Nevada summarizes the comprehensive information presented in the State Climate Strategy. It provides specifics related to future increases in both frequency and severity of heat waves, droughts, flooding, and wildfire risk. The summary also provides options for reducing climate impacts on public health, water resources, agriculture and ranching, and outdoor recreation. The overview was developed by a team of scientists from CNAP, UNR, DRI, the Western Regional Climate Center, and UNLV Geosciences.

The Nevada State Climate Strategy was published in December, 2020 to provide an economy-wide roadmap of climate action necessary to achieve Nevada’s goals and capture the benefits of the clean energy revolution.

English: Climate Change Impacts in Nevada » 
Español: Impactos del cambio climático en Nevadaen español » 

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