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Fixed or Shifting Baselines: How Should We Categorize Marine Heatwaves?

Two months after MAPP’s Marine Ecosystem Task Force published a comment in Nature calling for clearer definitions of marine heatwaves, a newly published article in Frontiers assesses marine heat waves in the Mediterranean Sea and questions the usefulness of fixed or moving baselines.

MERT has session accepted for 5th International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC5)

The session will be held in February 2023 and will serve to expand CPO’s work with national marine sanctuaries and MPAs to an international forum by leveraging CPO’s world-class climate communication’s program and the experience gained through over two years of the Marine Ecosystem Risk Team Initiative.

MERT and AdSci to hold a focus group on coastal manager blue carbon adaptation and mitigation planning needs

This focus group will bring together NOAA practitioners working at the intersection of climate change, blue carbon, and blue carbon habitats to foster discussion and partnerships while informing the development of CPO projects and initiatives.

CPO’s MERT gives presentation to NOS Coastal Science Board on the Science for Sanctuaries Initiative

On October 29, CPO’s Marine Ecosystem Risk Team (MERT) is making a presentation to the NOS Coastal Science Board. The presentation will introduce MERT and describe the outcomes and ongoing activities of its Science for Sanctuaries Initiative, aiming to increase cross-NOAA collaborations to advance NOAA’s stewardship mission.

CPO Marine Ecosystem Risk Team Contributed to Updated National Marine Ecosystem Status Website

On October 25, the NOAA cross-LO Ecosystem Indicators Working Group (EIWG) will launch an update to the National Marine Ecosystem Status (NaMES) website. This website provides a starting point for educators, outreach specialists, and the interested public to explore the status of seven major U.S. marine ecosystems and the nation “at-a-glance.” The site also provides access …

CPO Marine Ecosystem Risk Team Contributed to Updated National Marine Ecosystem Status Website Read More »

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