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IRAP Events

CPO/IRAP-Funded Researchers Hold Training and Stakeholder Engagement on New Disease Monitoring and Forecasting Tool

Researchers funded by CPO’s Climate and Societal Interactions (CSI) Division utilize partnerships and engagement activities to develop knowledge and decision support tools that can better address the risk management needs of specific sectors and stakeholders.

Upcoming webinar on extreme heat and public health in transboundary regions

The webinar will highlight an ongoing International Research and Applications Project-funded project to explore trends in historical heat extremes and heat-related mortality and morbidity in the border cities of San Diego-Tijuana and Calexico-Mexicali, as well as the reach and effectiveness of heat-health messaging by area National Weather Service Offices and public health agencies.

NOAA’s Climate Program Office Conducts Public Webinar on Climate, Environment and Health Funding Opportunity

NOAA is engaged in a partnership with NSF, NIH, USDA and agencies from 8 other countries to reduce risk in the public health sector through the use of climate-related knowledge and information tools and services; this allows us to leverage millions of dollars of investment from other countries in high priority topics to the US.

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