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Bridging the Weather-Climate Prediction Skill Gap with a Multi-Model Experiment

Researchers have for years been working to tackle the subseasonal to seasonal (S2S) prediction problem to improve forecasts. The Subseasonal Experiment, SubX, is an interagency research-to-operations project designed to help tackle this problem. The results of the project were recently published in BAMS. 

MAPP-funded researchers find predictability of warm West Coast ocean temperatures not solely due to El Niño

During the winter of 2014 and 2015, the US west coast (USWC) experienced record high temperatures extending from Baja California to the Gulf of Alaska. This record warming, as high as 3°C in some areas, greatly impacted the California Current System (CCS) and Gulf of Alaska marine ecosystems. However, tropical Pacific sea surface temperature anomalies were weak during 2014, calling into question their role in the USWC warming period.

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